International Transaction Group

We established this publishing division with a motto to provide an online publishing platform for researchers, scholars, academia, Universities, Colleges and research organizations to publish the outcome of their research works. It is a community driven publishing service, which focuses on bringing out quality research works, which are not published anywhere, in a simplest manner. We are currently publishing various journals covering all major areas of research works; we are also planning to bring up more journals and books in due course.

To make academic publication simple and affordable while providing greater experience to author

Open access is the practice of providing unrestricted access to peer-reviewed academic journal articles via the internet. All original research papers published by ITG are available freely and permanently accessible online immediately after publication.

In an open access model, we promise that readers don’t pay for the subscription fee to access online published articles. For authors ,only some fundamental costs like editing, production and peer- review are included to maintain normal operations of our company. These Article Processing Charges (APC) are only used to support publishers to make the published articles freely available to all readers. In order to encourage the long-term scientific research, authors are eligible for various discounts on Article Processing Charges (APC).